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THE NECKLACE, by Matt Witten

During the past twenty years, I’ve written TV shows like House, Law & Order, and Pretty Little Liars; the Jacob Burns mystery series, published by Signet; the movie Drones; and stage plays like Washington Square Moves and The Deal. Now I’m embarking on a new adventure: my thriller novel The Necklace came out in September, 2021, published by Oceanview Publishing. Also, The Necklace has been optioned for film by Leonardo DiCaprio’s Appian Way and Cartel Pictures. You’ll find info on this site about The Necklace, as well as my other novels and TV shows and movies. I’m also doing a blog that I hope will be both informative and entertaining.

Quotes from other authors about THE NECKLACE

“This is as fast and tense as a great thriller should be, but it’s full of warmth and humanity too – one small-town woman’s quest for the most poignant kind of justice you could imagine. Buy it today and read it tonight!” – Lee Child, bestselling author of the Jack Reacher novels.

"I really enjoyed your hype."

“I devoured The Necklace in a single evening, drawn in by Matt Witten’s fantastically drawn characters and intricate mystery.  All I wanted was for Susan Lentigo to get justice for her daughter, and the twists and turns along the way kept me holding my breath until the very last page. A thriller imbued with real heart and care for its characters, The Necklace is a must-read.” – Hollie Overton, bestselling author of Baby Doll and The Wall.

“The Necklace’s brave, truly unforgettable heroine grabbed my heart as she sought justice for her daughter – fighting the FBI, ex-husband, and even her own mother along the way. This compelling, powerful read will stay with you long after you’ve turned the final page.” – Lee Goldberg, bestselling author of the Eve Ronin series.

“The Necklace is an addictively readable story of a mother’s quest for justice. Surprising, propulsive, and poignant. I inhaled this novel.” – Meg Gardiner, bestselling author of the UNSUB series.

A special shout out to:
It’s Official!

Christian Storm, the designer at Oceanview Publishing, who collaborated with me and the folks at Oceanview to create this terrific book cover. Novelists’ favorite thing to complain about, when we’re not kvetching about our agents or publicists, is our book covers. So I feel very fortunate!

To read more about how The Necklace came into being, go to The Necklace page; to learn about my Jacob Burns mystery novels, go to the Other Novels page; to read my thoughts on writing, and check out a fun podcast episode, go to On Writing; for my story, go to About Matt; and for random musings, check out the blog page.


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