Here is an interview I did for Authority Magazine. I think it’s the longest print interview I’ve ever done, and my family and friends tell me it’s their favorite.

Here’s a very insightful video interview about The Necklace that my favorite college professor, Bob Gross, did for Amherst Reads. And here’s a short, spritely video interview about The Necklace.

Joe Dimino interviewed me about Killer Story for the podcast Famous Interviews.

Anthony Award-winning writer Matt Coyle interviewed me about The Necklace on his podcast Crime Corner.

Here is a print interview about The Necklace in The Big Thrill. Here’s a print interview about The Necklace, writing, and life in general.

Bestselling mystery author Patricia Smiley interviewed me at a Saratoga Springs public library event. Here’s a video.

Here’s a link to another podcast interview: You can hear a brief excerpt here.

Matt Witten interview on writing

Some words of wisdom (I hope) about TV writing:

Matt Witten interview on writing

You’ll find other podcasts, virtual book talks, and radio interviews on the Events page.

BTW, you’ll see and hear references in these interviews to an upcoming novel called Clickbait. We retitled this novel Killer Story, after the TV series Clickbait came out on Netflix. In retrospect, I like the title Killer Story better!

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