Audiobooks of The Necklace and Killer Story

The audiobook of The Necklace is available now on Amazon and Audible, and Killer Story will be available in January for preorder. Both books are narrated by Harley Jane Kozak, the accomplished actor (Parenthood, Arachnophobia, When Harry Met Sally) and writer (Dating Dead Men and four other novels).

Harley Jane Kozak and Matt Witten
Harley and me
The Necklace audiobook
The Necklace audiobook

Harley is in my writing group, which means that every Friday for nine months I would bring in a chapter of The Necklace and ask her to read it out loud. She was fabulous. I began to see the heroine of the book, Susan Lentigo, through Harley’s eyes, or voice.

So when Oceanview Publishing asked me to recommend a narrator for The Necklace, there was no question that I wanted Harley. I was thrilled when Oceanview agreed, and Harley said yes. And she does, IMHO, a terrific job. I’m thrilled that Harley will also be doing the audiobook of Killer Story. Enjoy!

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