How I Came to Write Killer Story

I began writing Killer Story because I’m a huge fan of crime podcasts like Serial and Accused and crime documentaries like Making a Murderer and Jinx. At the same time, I’m a skeptic of these shows. I’m intrigued by how reporters sometimes omit key details or distort the truth in order to tell a better story. In this ultra-competitive era, getting clicks and followers can be more important than getting the truth.

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The Cello

(Note: The Cello is a short short story I wrote last year. It was published in Flash Fiction Magazine.)

Doug waited in the audience for his wife’s cello to appear, in the arms of a young man named Christopher Hsieh, according to the concert program.

He had met them – his wife and her cello, that is – sixty-one years ago, at a performance of the Dutch Symphony Orchestra.

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